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Zasobovani a.s., Chloumecka 3376, 276 01 Melnik, Czech Republic, Europe
email: - tel. +420 315 646 106 - fax +420 315 646 197

We buy goods for 3000 stores in Europe

Founded in 1991, our company is one of the biggest importers and distributors of consumer products in Czech Republic. Our customers are supermarkets, trade networks, wholesaler and retailers throughout the Czech Republic. Overall it is more than 3 000 shops.

With Chinese partners we have been doing business already since 1996. So far we have imported more than 1000 fourty feet containers.

We provide our customers with quality consumer products such as:

Consumer electronics, electric appliances, tools, household goods and equipment, sporting goods, drugstore goods and other goods suitable to be sold in broad range supermarkets. We also import goods for companies which deal with mail-order sale and teleshopping.

Zasobovani a.s. also owns and operates the biggest supermarket in Melnik (Czech Republic) with selling area 3700 m2 and has more than 100 employees.

Our wholesale store for container deliveries is located 6 km from Melnik-City in the town of Dolní Berkovice. From this store we deliver goods to supermarkets and wholesales in Czech Republic but also export to our business partners in the neighboring European countries.

We are interested to purchase only high quality goods. Feel free to contact us:

Mr. Ladislav STEJSKAL
general manager -
Mr. Lubor ŠLÉGR
import manager -
Mr. Miroslav DOSTÁL
import manager -
Ms. Stepanka VARGOVÁ
assistant import manager -
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